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Scrumptious Burrata Salad Plate is a Breeze!

Looking for a quick and healthy lunch to make in minutes? Grab a Burrata and add your favourite fresh foods to make a gorgeous and tasty meal! Here's what we added to make this Burrata Salad Plate for two:

- Marilu's bagged arugula and cherry tomatoes drizzled in olive oil and Balsamic vinegar

- Marilu's Marinated Garlic Olives

- Marinated Sweet Peppers

- Marilu's Brand Organic Basil Pesto

- Sliced baguette

Add a few slices of your favourite Prosciutto from the Marilu's Deli. Cut the Burrata and let the creamy interior run onto the ingredients and enjoy.

If you haven't heard of Burrata, it's a mozzarella cheese product that was first seen in the 1920's in Italy. In order to minimize food waste, small pieces of fresh mozzarella were stretched into pouches and filled with cream and strips of mozzarella and wrapped in leaves for transport to market. When you cut the stretched mozzarella skin, the creamy centre runs out onto the plate, covering the food with creamy goodness. It's often used as a topping for Neapolitan Pizza, a side for shrimp dishes, an accompaniment to Spaghetti Pomodoro or as a replacement for mozzarella in dishes like Caprese Salad.

Because making burrata is a labour intensive process, it has enjoyed a reputation as a higher-end treat. Burrata has seen a recent resurgence in popularity on the menus of fine restaurants. It can be served in any course from appetizers right up to dessert, savoury or sweet. Salads, meat dishes, pasta and even dessert when served with fruits like fig and honey can all be made even more delicious by adding burrata.

If you haven't tried it, you really must! No matter the recipe, you'll enjoy the creamy texture and flavour that a bit of burrata can add!

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