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Planning a Seafood Feast for the holidays?

If seafood is a part of your holiday tradition, you know that quality and freshness are the key words. There are different ways to grow, harvest and process seafood and these can all affect the taste and quality of the product.

Marilu's Market has done their homework and sourced the freshest, highest quality seafood possible to make your holiday meal one to remember. Lobster tails, Littleneck Clams, Colossal Tiger Shrimp, fresh Crab Claw Meat, Organic Salmon and more can be found in our Seafood section. Read on for some tips and recipes on serving some of our favourite Seafoods this holiday season.

Fresh Malpeque Oysters - Often said to be the tastiest oysters in the world, these beauties are harvested in Malpeque Bay, PEI, and have a teardrop shaped shell with very tender meat. They are easy to shuck, light-bodied with a crisp lettuce-like flavour, high brininess, and have a clean, sweet finish.

Serving Oysters - raw oysters should be served chilled on ice and it's best to keep it simple. Try a traditional Mignonette sauce (1 part finely diced shallot, 2 parts good white wine vinegar and freshly cracked black peppercorns) and some fresh lemon.

Dry Scallops - No, they're not actually dry! The word dry refers to the fact that our scallops are not injected with water and sodium tripolyphosphate, as wet scallops are. Wet scallops are white as opposed to the light caramel or pinkish colour you'll see in Marilu's Seafood section. Adding water to the scallops dilutes the taste and causes wet scallops to become rubbery when cooked. We carry U-10 scallops, which are large and would take under 10 of them (U-10!) to make up a pound.

The secret to cooking a great scallop is a hot pan to sear them well.

Serving Scallops - When searing the scallops in oil, add a Tbsp of butter (or garlic butter) before you turn them. Try a simple vinaigrette like this Orange-Lime Vinaigrette to drizzle over them before serving.

Orange-Lime Vinaigrette - mix 2 Tbsp of each of these:

- orange juice

- lime juice

- vegetable oil

- EV Olive Oil

Add minced shallot, minced cilantro,

salt and red pepper flakes to taste

Caviar - If you're looking for a way to splurge and really treat yourself, caviar should be on your list. A delicacy saved for special occasions, Caviar comes in many varieties. For the holidays, Marilu's carries 3 different kinds:

Acadian Caviar - Pure and simple caviar crafted from sustainable White Sturgeon roe and a touch of salt. Dark glossy pearly that are generously sized and firm on the palette are guaranteed to delight with their smooth buttery texture and faint suggestion of ocean spray.

Osetra Caviar - Definitely one of the most sought after caviar type in the world. It used to be served to the crowned heads of the world and is surrounded by myths and legends for its power to heal diseases and improving stamina which are partially confirmed by modern medical science. Uniquely clean, sweet, crisp and "nutty" flavour gently fills your palate after every single grain lightly pops in your mouth.

Beluga Caviar - This is the most famous, precious and exquisite caviar in the world. Beluga Caviar is large, firm, light gray grains with buttery, creamy, nutty flavour and a unique full-flavored after taste.

Serving Caviar - Caviar is delicate and must be kept on ice. A simple dollop on a piece of bread or toast allows you to taste the caviar. Another traditional way to serve it is with hard boiled egg and creme fraiche.

One important tip: use a mother-of-pearl, bone or gold-plated spoon to serve your caviar as silver or stainless steel react with the caviar and may affect the taste.

Marilu's Seafood Section is bursting with fresh, delicious treats to add to your holiday table. Tap here to see what's available in our online shop or visit the Fish Counter in person.