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Changes to Curbside and Delivery
Marilu's Market Curbside and Delivery is changing!

As of January 7th, 2023, our in store Delivery & Curbside will no longer be available.

Marilu's has partnered with Instacart and will be launching our online store in the very near future!

Through Instacart, we will be offering online ordering for delivery or curbside pickup as well as phone orders! 

We are excited to be expanding our services to serve our community better! We will let you know when Instacart Services will be available. See our Cornershop by Uber option which will remain available. 

Need details? Email us at

Cornershop by Uber
For those times you need items
right away, try Marilu's
Cornershop via Uber!

Order online and have your items delivered to you quickly... 
most times within 60 minutes!

Tap the button below to get started.
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