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Freshly Squeezed Juice - We are proud to offer freshly squeezed orange juice done in store! Be sure to also check out our new Kale & Orange juice, full of anti-oxidents and vitamins!

Gluten Free - We have a Large variety of gluten free products available, come check it out!

JC. Bagels - We carry a variety of Burlington's famous JC bagels, delivered fresh daily!

Wagyu Steaks - We are proud to have recently added wagyu striploins to our steak roster. They are knocking everyones socks off! Stop by and give them a try!

Marilu's Hot Table - We have recently expanded our hot table to include a far larger variety of hot meals. You can now find anything from delicious pork back ribs to braised short ribs and lamb shanks. Our variety of feature items have something for everyone! Check it out!